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The Best 3 Day Diet For Quick Tinnitus Relief

You may have heard of changing your diet to fight ringing ears…

…but I bet you haven’t heard of this body boosting 3 day meal plan.

Small changes to your diet can be effective for combating ringing ears. They also provide a healthy kick for more energy throughout the day by including protein and healthy antioxidants.

Commit yourself to one weekend of modifying your meals to battle your symptoms. Remember, commitment and consistency is the key to finding the cure.

Continue to reduce or eliminate caffeine products including soda, coffee, and tea products as well as salt.

Here Is Your Incredibly Effective 3 Day Meal Plan To Relieve Ringing Ears Fast


Breakfast: all-bran cereal with milk, sliced orange or grapefruit

Snack: handful of almonds

Lunch: 1 cup yogurt,  1/2 cup of raspberries, sliced strawberries

Snack: banana

Dinner: baked fish with sliced and fried sweet potatoes, steamed asparagus


Breakfast: 2 egg omelette, cup of orange juice

Snack: small bowl of cherries

Lunch: salad with spinach, chopped tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, shredded deli turkey, oil and lemon juice for dressing

Snack: handful of cashews

Dinner: cooked clams or oysters, baked potato with olive oil, green peas


Breakfast: oatmeal with bananas

Snack: handful of pumpkin seeds

Lunch: steamed kale with grilled beef

Snack: sliced pineapple

Dinner: grilled lamb, wild rice, sliced tomatoes

Consider also taking supplements of the four key nutrients that reduce ringing in the ears…

Zinc can also improve: sense of smell, diarrhea, hair loss, appetite, eye lesions

Folic acid can also improve: diarrhea, mouth ulcers, grey hair.

Melatonin can also improve: difficulty sleeping, hormonal problems

Vitamin B12 can also improve: fatigue, depression, anemia


5 Responses to “The Best 3 Day Diet For Quick Tinnitus Relief”

  1. Sam says:

    You can’t really get rid of the rninigg. Its a sign that you did some damage to your hearing. It will go away on its own but you can’t speed it up sorry. You could try yawning or swallowing a lot to pop your ears that could posssibly help I guess?If it doesn’t go away in the next day or two go to the ear doctor and get checked out. In the future just keep your music at a lower volume, especially if you’re wearing headphones- that makes the sound go straight into your eardrums so you’ll get hearing loss really quickly from headphones.

    • Ada Berezina says:

      Thanks for commenting! Some patients have had success in getting rid of ringing in the ears but it is usually through a combination of treatments. It really just depends on the person and the situation.

  2. Scott Anderson says:

    Hey Sam, those are all great ideas for “cause-effect” type of ear ringing, like going to a loud concert or listening to music with the volume turned up to “11”. However, there are folks like myself that have persistent tinnitus… It doesn’t stop, doesn’t diminish, it’s there all the time. Mine is a symptom of Menier’s Syndrome.
    Myself and folks like me are searching for some sort of relief, whether it’s diet, aroma therapy, whatever to try and get back control of what hearing we have left.

  3. Saeed Ahmad says:

    I am suffering from tinnitus for the last one month. Treatment is continued but no satisfactory result is in sight yet. please facilitiate us with viable treatment plan. thanks

  4. Jessie Michaels says:

    Onset for my mother, brother, and myself was right after having an MRI, even though we all had used hearing protection. Mother tried meds and supplements but never helped. Brother just tries to deal with it. I will try some of your suggestions.

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