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6 Tinnitus Relaxation Exercises That Are Surprisingly Effective

Many treatment options exist for tinnitus, including: natural, at-home remedies, sound maskers, hearing aids, tinnitus retraining therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis, and changing your diet.

These do take time to work…

…and I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for treatments that will work right now.

And if I had to pick one routine you could put into action right now… it would be relaxation exercises.

It’s Easy to Write These Off As Hocus-Pocus…
But Many Tinnitus Suffers Report Massive Success With These 6 Relaxation Exercises


When practicing mindful meditation, you will initially hear your ears ringing louder than before. This sounds counterintuitive, but this is an important part of coming to terms with your ringing ears. You will learn how to positively manage your emotions.

Try meditation at home daily starting with 5 minutes each day. Then, slowly increase your length of time spent in mindful meditation practice. Create a meditation group by gathering some of your friends to meditate together. Maybe you could join a local meditation club to find support with other people working on similar goals of quieting the mind and reducing stress and tension.

Click here for more information on how meditation can help cure ringing in the ears and detailed instructions you can use to start meditating today.


Try different types of yoga to see which you enjoy most. There are group classes for all ages and stages. Some types of yoga practices will give you a killer workout as well as deeply relax and stretch your body. Others will focus on the stretch or relaxation aspects.

There are hot yoga studios where the temperature is raised to help you warm up your body quicker. Sweating and releasing tension through different poses will be a goal in your yoga practice. Many studios also provide mantras and inspirational lines that help you become stronger and more aware in the mind as well as the body.

Some examples of types of yoga to consider are bikram, vinyasa, kundalini, and ashtanga.

I recommend trying yoga 3 times per week if you have the time and money. However, even one session of yoga per week can improve your focus, reduce your anxiety, and increase your strength. You could go to a local studio to try a class or try yoga at home by finding an instructional video on the internet or a podcast through iTunes.

Go here for 7 yoga poses to treat ringing ears.

Progressive Relaxation

This relaxation technique engages the whole body and works on relaxing and releasing tension in all parts of the body to fully de-stress the practitioner. Experiment with this technique for relaxation that can leave your body feeling free of tension, including that nagging ear ringing. Trial this technique once per day for 15 minutes. Increase your time spent in progressive relaxation by 5 minutes each week.

For more information and a step by step guide, follow this link.


Try aromatherapy for its soothing and relaxing effects from a variety of essential oils that come from plants, roots, and leaves. By following some simple techniques daily, aromatherapy can reduce ear ringing symptoms.

This is an excellent natural remedy for tinnitus to trial because it can be done at home and the lack of side effects.

If you want to know more, click here for the details of how aromatherapy works to cure ringing ears and which essential oils to use.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery involves use of all the senses and the whole body to stimulate a variety of emotions. Research has shown that guided imagery can reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, battle depression and anxiety, get rid of pain, and with all of that, decrease tinnitus symptoms.

This technique can also empower the practitioner which is so important in dealing with all of the negative emotions that can be associated with ringing ears.

Want to learn more and try guided imagery at home using a simple guide? Check it out here.


Find a qualified massage therapist for this tinnitus stress relieving strategy. Experiment with deep tissue, swedish, and hot stone varieties until you find the one that relaxes you the most. For some, a 60 minute massage allows their body to fully relax and de-stress while for others a 90 minute message is more suitable. If possible, incorporate a weekly or monthly massage into your life to help you relax and reduce the anxiety caused by tinnitus.

Click here for some massage techniques that you can do at home to reduce your ear ringing symptoms.

The #1 Key to Using Relaxation Techniques to Cure Ringing Ears

As you can see, most of these relaxation techniques for tinnitus relief can be done at home. Don’t give up, try different techniques, vary them as you see fit to best help you, and try them consistently. Trial them individually or try getting together or finding a group of people to support and try together.

Remember, it takes 21 days to make something into a habit. Make a relaxed, strong body your habit to help beat your tinnitus. 


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