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Possible Causes for Ringing In The Ear

If you are plagued with ringing in the ears, it is important to consider the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Tinnitus is a symptom, not a cause; figuring out the cause will be the first step to finding a cure for your ringing ears.

Common Causes Of Ear Ringing Include:

  • Exposure to loud noise – This can occur from loud music, construction equipment, landscaping tools, firearms, and more. Sometimes the exposure to the noise can be prolonged, while other times the damage happens as a result of one instance of extremely damaging loud noise.
  • Excessive ear wax, ear infections – Both tend to worsen the ringing sounds in the ears. Ear infections or build-up of ear wax can also decrease your overall hearing until they are cleared up.
  • Age-related hearing loss – When the structures in the ear are damaged or not working properly, incorrect signals can be sent to the brain making you perceive the ringing in your ears.

Less Common Causes Of Ringing Ears Are:

  • TMJ – The temporomandibular joint which connects the jaw to the skull can be painful and uncomfortable when you open and close your mouth. Ringing in the ear sometimes occurs together with TMJ problems.
  • Ear disorders – Some examples are Meniere’s disease, which is abnormal fluid in the inner ear, and Otosclerosis, which is stiffening of the bones in the middle ear. Both of these disorders can lead to ear ringing symptoms.
  • Auditory nerve damage or disease – Tumors can develop on important nerves such as the one running from your ear to your brain. These tumors can lead to tinnitus symptoms.
  • Head/neck injury – Injuries that occur to parts of the ear, nerves, or brain can be causing your ringing ears.
  • Tumors in the head and neck – Tumors in the head and neck can press on important nerves or blood vessels. Sometimes you can have ringing in the ears due to these tumors.
  • High cholesterol – Elasticity of blood vessels is hindered when you have high cholesterol. When blood flow is impacted, ringing in the ears can occur.
  • High blood pressure – Having high blood pressure can worsen symptoms and make the ringing noises more pronounced.
  • Medications – Some examples are antibiotics, antidepressants, cancer medications, quinines, diuretics, and aspirin. These can worsen the symptoms or cause the symptoms.
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7 Responses to “Possible Causes for Ringing In The Ear”

  1. Cyndi says:

    it was cos my ears needed cleaning and laughed but when the nurse went to clean them they weren’t very waxy at all and then the cleaning them made it even worse, I saw a specialist who wasn’t very helpful and spoke like he was just telling me I had a common cold. Apparently my hearing is above average so not only are my ears extra sensitive to everyday sounds like hoovers etc that don’t bother most people, but also I can pick up on internal noises within the brain that its believed everyone has but not all can hear. I was referred to a hearing therapist who gave me tips on how to cope with the sounds, at first I thought I was going to go mad but five years on and i’ve coped very well, I stopped seeing the therapist after only a few sessions as I was dealing with it well and once I was reassured that the Tinnitus was not life threatening, my brain seemed to accept it more and now I only notice it on really bad days when i’m feeling very sad. The worst bit was learning how to unfocus from the sounds at night when I needed to go to sleep and when it goes very quiet outside. I bought a sound generator which plays natural sounds to get you off to sleep and projects colours on the ceiling, the sounds got so on my nerves though that I actually preferred the sounds in my ears and learn’t to fall asleep naturally but it does take time. I wear transparent ear plugs whenever i’m in a noisy environment, they are discreet so no one notices them and I love watching a good movie or keeping myself busy as you barely notice the sounds at all in the end as your brain is too preoccupied with other things. If you wear earplugs in noisy enviroments there is no reason why the Tinnitus would get worse but if you are worried just take regular breaks outside or in the washroom say of a Pub/club etc.There is no known cure, some people try various treatments but I think its a waste of money, the secret is to allow your brain to accept the noises, that they are normal(for you) and now a part of you and you’ll find that eventually your brain will not give it much attention, your young so believe me you will have lots of distractions and it will get better, it might not seem like it at the moment but remember you’re not alone hon!

    • Pareploy says:

      Simply take some Niacin and swallow when you reach that pusserre point next time to regulate the pusserre in your ears. Niacin is what doctors prescribe to treat tinnitus and it works as far as I know.If you have a Niacin deficiency you can develop ringing also. But, concentrating on the ringing sometimes makes it go away too, you basically will it away, in my experience it worked for me.Your ears ring because of pusserre behind the ear drums is different than that outside the ear so swallowing at the moment you notice the pusserre change opens up the area to change and resolves the pusserre difference.

      • Ada Berezina says:

        Thank you for posting! Some popular over the counter medications for tinnitus have niacin. Patients have certainly had success with relieving ringing symptoms after using it.

    • Ada Berezina says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! Lots of good ideas that can help others in here. I hope you have found relief!

  2. Niko says:

    Honey child there is a limit as to what a person can do from rndiaeg about something in a forum. this needs to be checked by a medical Professional. There are possibly a good many test that will shed light on whats going on. This is something I wouldn’t play around with. you need to spend the money. It’s too bad the medical health care bill offended some of our politicians. It’s a lot harder for people who don’t have medical insurance to get help when they need it.

  3. john woodworth says:

    Another, and more insidious cause of Tinnitus is as a result of Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome, a horrible and multi-symptom condition caused by rapid or ‘cold turkey’ reduction of opioids, benzodiazipines,, or other drugs. See Dr. Heather Ashton.
    Eighteen months now, and no reduction in the high pitched hissing ripping through my head.

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