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How To Do A Home Massage to Reduce Ear Ringing

massage for ringing earsSome tinnitus sufferers swear by full body massages to get rid of that ringing in the ears. Rather than directly relieve symptoms, massage can soothe your body and mind because they help you relax, reduce stress, and boost your blood circulation.

For some, this indirect targeting of symptoms can help reduce the ringing and curb your emotional response to the nagging sounds.

But not everybody can afford weekly or even monthly massages at pricey salons. Even if you can afford it, not everyone feels comfortable enough to have a total stranger rub your body.

For many of my patients, learning personal massage techniques was a powerful way to get relief whenever it was needed and helped empower them, knowing their symptoms were in their control. Even more importantly, the anxiety and stress from the ear ringing subsided.

Try these personal massage techniques to get relief from your ringing ears.

massage to cure ringing ears

If you experience ringing in one ear (left or right), then perform these massage techniques on the OPPOSITE body part mentioned unless it is the head. If you have ringing in both ears, perform the massage on both the right and left body parts.

  1. Curl your fingers into your palm. With your curled in pointer finger (using the flat surface of the middle knuckle joint), rub your forehead 25 times.
  2. Use the fingertips of both hands knead the back of the head in a circular motion 30 times. Then, knead side to side horizontally 30 times. Finally, knead up and down vertically 30 times.
  3. Use your thumb to knead in circular motions the protrusions on the back of the head located at the same level as the ears. Do this 50 times.
  4. Knead using your pointer and middle fingers of both hands at the very crown of your head. Use a circular motion 25 times.
  5. Use your pointer finger to massage in a circular motion three regions around the ear: in front of the ear, above the ear, and behind the ear. Massage each of these areas 30 times.
  6. Find the webbed area on your hand between the thumb and pointer finger. Pinch the center of this web 15 times.
  7. Locate the webbed area on your foot between the big toe and the second toe. Pinch the center of the web 15 times.
  8. Massage the location on your face where the jaw bone is connected. This area is just below the ear lobe. Use your pointer and middle fingers to massage using circular motions 25 times.
  9. Find your temples and use the pointer and middle fingers to massage with circular motions 50 times. This region can be located by placing your fingers at the top of your ear and moving up about one inch and then in towards your eyes about one inch. This should be a depression just to side of the end of your eyebrows.
  10. Use all the fingers of your hand to find your trapezius muscles (connecting your shoulders to your neck). Massage in vertical motions up and down the back of your neck from the trapezius muscle up the back protrusions of your skull.

Consider these tips to improve the efficacy of your personal massage.

massage for tinnitus

  • Find a comfortable place to sit, lie down, or stand during the massage. Make sure the room temperature is comfortable, grab some pillows, and wear comfortable clothes (if any at all). You could also use some towels or blankets to create a soft place to rest your body.
  • Use a mirror as a visual aid to find the proper spots on your face. As you grow more familiar with these trigger points, you may not need to use a mirror. But as a beginner, a mirror can be helpful to locate the right place for your self-message.
  • Set up the environment to make it calming for you. Remove any of your electronic devices such as your phone and computer. Turn off the lights. Pick a quiet, dark room. Turn on some relaxing, instrumental music at a low volume if you wish. Light some candles or incense. Envision your own massage parlor and set it up so you can truly relax.
  • Use oils when giving yourself a personal massage. These can help soothe the skin and relax the body even more. I recommend placing 1/2 cup of your chosen oil (olive, coconut, almond, or sesame) in a heatproof bowl and using the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Of course, find the temperature that is pleasing to your touch. Dip into the oil before massaging the various parts of your body. Find out the best essential oils recommended for relief of ringing in the ears here.
  • If you find it difficult to give yourself the massage, find a family member or friend who will do it for you. Share the critical points you need to target to get relief from ear ringing and practice on each other. Vary the pressure to find what feels the best for you.


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